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Mashallah,it’s all I can say really,mashallah.

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I still don’t/can’t understand why would you go to one of my Ziam videos,and say shit like that : 

And this ain’t the first time tho! it happened to me a lot and 99% of the comments were made my Ziall shippers.

Here’s the thing : I don’t watch Ziall/Zerrie/Zarry or any other videos of ships that I DO NOT LIKE ! so I DO NOT WANT YOU to go to my videos and talk about another ship.You like Ziam? good,you don’t ship it? fine,you ship Ziall? I don’t care,but don’t go to people’s videos and act like a child saying that their ship isn’t real but yours is ! what if we’re both wrong ! I remember watching a Zarry video months ago,I just wanted to know why people ship them,I finished the video I was like : “Yeah I see why they ship them but Ziam still have more intense moments and blablabla” but I fucking did not comment on the video,or said that Ziam is real and Zarry is not,because the video was a Zarry video,I have no right to ruin it for Zarry shippers because suprise?! People read comments ! and it was me who wanted to watch the video,no one asked for my opinion.

People please,grow the fuck up,you ship something? good for you ! I don’t ship it? it’s my business,so don’t shove it on my face and LET ME ENJOY MY SHIP FOR FUCK’S SAKE ! 

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Ziam & blue (because blue is pretty)
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I saw a lot of people doing edits with tumblr posts and I wanted to make something different,so here it is ! sorry? 

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 *Sigh* I know I haven’t posted anything on this blog since,well..ages ! and I’m so so sorry,It’s just that I post everything on my main blog (alphaziamhale),and I haven’t seen any new Ziam moments that gave me feels,I don’t just use any Ziam moment that I find in my edits,I always try to find the “Amazing” ones,not the good ones or the normal ones. 

I hope you understand.

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I’ve made this edit months ago,didn’t want to post it tbh.

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only-liars-but-we-are-the-best whispered: oh my god could you please tell me who sings that version of kiss you on your playlist? is so asdfglkjl, i love it so much pleaaaaaaaaaase and thank you <3

It’s victor Taiwo ! Just go on youtube and you’ll find it :D it’s an amazing cover ikk 

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