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Anonymous whispered: Hi! I just joined tumblr and I really love what you blog. Do you have any other blog recommendations!? Thanks so much :)


Hello and welcome!!!

Here’s some awesome Zayn/Liam/Ziam blogs

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What’s next ?!?

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Next time someone tells me Ziam isn’t real,I’ll print this and shove it down their throat.

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I hear the tenderness of your voice
That fills the spectrum of my soul.

Your Vibes, I feel when you're near me.
Your breath, I feel tickling me, on my ears

Whisper gently in my ear, a simple whisper
A whisper that speaks louder than words 
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Just made a Ziam edit in Green & blue,I really like it,can’t wait to post it aha ! 

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Anonymous whispered: Do you know any amazing ziam blogs like yours to follow?



I wanted to do a follow forever post on my main blog alphaziamhale,but I don’t have many fave blogs (‘cause not so many blogs post about Ziam and sterek and other ships I like,what can I say,my taste is hard) but,here are the most amazing people to follow :

ziambieb : My sister and my best tumblr friend,love love lover her so much.

lsmoments : When I first discovered Ziam? this was the FIRST blog I ever went to,this blog man? it’s the SHIT ! it has everything about Ziam,like,EVERYTHING,it helped me to know what I needed about Ziam.This blog is the reaason I made a tumblr.

biliki are you following her? if not,then do it now,for real.She’s one of the strongest Ziam shippers to ever exist.

ziam3sum a friend,a very nice person,and an amazing blog,bless.

larryandziam-infinitely This girl right here,is amazing,follow her if you want Ziam,OITNB,larry and random good stuff.

naturalwolfer I didn’t know this blog was amazing,like,I knew it was nice,but when I visited it I was like DAMN son,Sterek and Ziam? lemme love you dude.

sourwolf-ziam : what can I say? I have a thing for blogs who post Ziam and Sterek,yeah.

smhzerriestillfake : Ziam and random posts that I mostly like,go follow

pinkalicious89 : two words : Amazing person.

ziamismylifeokay : wouldn’t rec this blog if it weren’t amazing yoo !

hmm I think that’s it? I feel like I forgot a blog or two idk sorry.


Lol you deserve it babe !

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Thanks for asking !
The answer is easy : Orange is the new black haha ! Oh man ! That show is the SHIT !

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ALL THIS TIME I’ve been reblogging Football/Messi/Lavezzi stuff thinking I’m posting them on my main blog,I hate when this happens to me smh

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